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Snowmobile Maine

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The magic number is in excess of 606 Million dollars for the 2018-2019 season

Another Maine winter has settled in. Lead gray skies, slick doorsteps and whitened landscapes. Short, chill days and long, dark nights. The now familiar scent in the air of yet another snowstorm just over the horizon. It's the time of year when some folks load up the woodstove, grab the remote and settle back into the recliner until spring. But not the snowmobilers.
Maine snowmobilers have been waiting a long time for this winter - ever since last year's snow disappeared into mud season with the spring. And they've been busy, talking with landowners, preparing trail signage, building snowmobile bridges, brushing trail.
As the air grows colder, snowmobilers watch the skies and hang on every snowflake. Lunch hours are spent checking weather forecasts and tracking trail reports on the internet
When the ground finally freezes and the trails begin to fill with snow, the groomer operators head out across the state's trails to smooth the way for the thousands of snowmobilers to follow.
You're welcome to join them! Maine's snowmobile trail system allows winter riders to visit locations that many are not privileged to access at any time of year. There are thousands of miles to explore! Along the way you'll find businesses waiting to serve you, Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) clubs keeping the trails in shape, and a schedule of winter events to entertain you.

Snowmobile Maine. Ride Right. Enjoy.

It's a bit of work finding out who your State Legislative Representatives are...

But if you want to poke around try one of these links

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How about who is on any Committee???

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