First of all congratulations to the MSA Clubs

Their tremendous effort resulted in tickets sales on par with many other "normal" years.
We had a new drawing this year for clubs exceeding 400 ticket sales called The 400 Club.
Wildwood Restaurant and Cabins in Brownville sponsored the drawing for clubs selling 400 or more super raffle tickets!! The lucky club winner was Glenburn Lakeside Riders SC.

Please thank these business prize sponsors when you visit their establishments: without their support this wouldn't be possible

Dec 17 - Super Raffle Drawing Winners List

Prize Winner Name Winner Club
Snowmobile -- 2020 SkiDoo Renegade 600 Brian Day None Listed
Snowmobile -- Arctic Cat Z120 Candace EMSC
Trailer-ALCOM Grant Hanscom Downeast Trail Riders
$500 Kittery Trading Post GC Grwen E. Brodis Goose River SC
$500 Kittery Trading Post GC Teresa Bone EMSC
Abbott's Power Equipment $50 GC Harvard Townsend C.A. Snowmobile Club
Abbott's Power Equipment $50 GC Melissa Brown Ebeemee SC
Airline Lodge & Snack Bar $50 GC-no cig/no alcohol Jake Hill None Listed
Aroostook Hospitality Inn Wasburn 1Night Lodging/2 Nate Tow Royal River
Bingham Motor Inn 2 nights lodging/2 Lou Annance Bog Hooters
Breezy Acre Camps 2 Nights Lodging/2 Daniel Johnston Leeds Stumpthumpers
Central Maine Powersports $100 GC John Rogers None Listed
Chandler Farms Polaris $50 GC Mike's Family Market Limestone SnowHawks
Chandler Farms Polaris $50 GC Dee Saucier None Listed
Comfort Inn & Suites Wilton 1 night lodging/2 Robert Hannan None Listed
Corriveau Arctic Cat Plus $75 GC Tyler Grindle None Listed
Fort Kent Powersports $50 GC Josh Brown Royal River
Gateway Recreation 1 night Lodging/3 Will Cox Gateway
Harry's Motorsports $50 GC Kathy Whitmore None Listed
Huff's Powersports $50 GC Roger Albert Madawaska
Huff's Powersports $50 GC John Burke Jo-Mary Riders
Indian Hill Trading Post $50 GC Eric Mason Jo-Mary Riders
Inn By the River John Webb None Listed
Inn of Acadia 1 night Lodging/2 Kieth Kennedy None Listed
International Motel 2 nights Lodging/2 Steve Mallett Quadcounty
Jackman Powersports $50 GC Rick Bouchard Caribou SC
Jackman Powersports $50 GC Layton Day Glenburn Lakeside Riders
Kramer's Arctic Cat $50 GC Mike Gleich None Listed
Kramer's Arctic Cat $50 GC Rodney Cumber None Listed
Lincoln Power Sports $50 GC Matt Graves C.A. Snowmobile Club
Long Lake Motor Inn 1 Night Lodging/2 Chantal Ouellet Lebanon Trail Riders
Martin's Motel $100 GC Bill Hazlewood Westbrook Trail Blazers
Matagamon Wilderness Camps 2 nights Lodging/2 Kimberly Ezzell Alna SC
Moosehead Motorsports $50 GC Tim Brown None Listed
Moosehead Motorsports $50 GC David Trers None Listed
New England Outdoor Ctr 1 Night Lod, 1 Day sled rental Denise Duperre Madawaska
North Country Powersports $50 GC John Goff Auburn Sno-Groomers
North Country Rivers Kick Hopkins Glenburn Lakeside Riders
Northern Door Inn 1 Night Lodging/2 Richard Detwiler None Listed
Northern Outdoors 1 night Lodging/2 Douglas Conroy Caribou SC
Overlook Motel 1 Night Lodging/2 The Matthies Family Lexington Highlanders
Rangeley Saddleback Inn 2 Nights Lodging/2 Damien Beniot Ossipee Mountaineers
Rev-it-up Sport Shop $50 GC Jason Brown Hollis Honkers
Reynolds Motorsports $50 GC Jason McLeod Windham Drifters
Richardson's Ski-doo $50 GC USA Heath None Listed
Richardson's Ski-doo $50 GC Al Orne Norway Trackers
Richmond Napa $50 GC Nycole McGlauflin Portage Lakers
Sally Mountain Cabins 1 Night Lodging/2 Shelly Bennett None Listed
Shaker Hill Outdoors Helmet Duke Whitehouse Hollis Honkers
Shin Pond Village 1 Night Lodging/2 William Dean Glenburn Lakeside Riders
Striking Distance Sales GC Snow Tracker Steering sys Lillian LaPierre Westbrook Trail Blazers
Striking Distance Sales GC Everlaster Carbide Blade-Z Charlie Whitman Rock-O-Dundee Riders
Wallingford Equipment $50 GC Tim Caldwell None Listed
Wallingford Equipment $50 GC Carol Fox Hollis Honkers
White Rock Outboard $75 GC John Holmquist Caribou SC
Wildwoods Trailside Lodge 2 Nights Lodging/2 Linda Cook None Listed
Woodys Performance Center $50 GC Ricky Turner SUSE
Woodys Performance Center $50 GC Jenna Johnston None Listed
Trailside Performance Rod Mahan Central Aroostook SC