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It's a bit of work finding out who your State Legislative Representatives are...

But if you want to poke around try one of these links

List County Delegations

List District Towns

How about who is on any Committee???

Maine State Senate... Find Your State Senate Member

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2019-2020 MSA Awards and Recognition

2019-2020 MSA Awards and Recognition

Watch Day 1 - Opening Remarks - Year-end Wrap-up May 4th
Watch Day 2 - Snowmobiler of the Year May 5th
Watch Day 3 - Club of the Year May 6th
Watch Day 4 - Presidents Award May 7th
Watch Day 5 - Groomer of the Year May 8th
Watch Day 6 - Dealer of the Year May 9th
Watch Day 7 - Business of the Year May 10th
Watch Day 8 - Hall of Fame Inductees May 11th
Review Day 9 - Director Attendance Award May 12th
Watch Day 10 - Photo Contest Winner May 13th
Watch Day 11 - Rangley Lakes #1 Club Video May 14th
Read Day 12 - Executive VP AL Report May 15th

Coastal Region VP Report from Dave added May 20th
Eastern Region VP Report from Eillen added May 20th
Northern Region VP Report from Matt added May 20th
Western Region VP Report from Roland added May 20th

MSA Office Manager

We want to give you all a chance to meet Susan, the Office Manager who has been with us for just over 6 months. She joined us in November and is a great asset, helping clubs and members. Please reach out when you need assistance.

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