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What's Next!!!

Now that we have the results of the study it's time to start thinking about what to do with the information. We have known for a long time that snowmobilers have a huge impact to the state economy. But the real story is behind the numbers and starts with the local clubs and the generosity of the thousands of landowners who allow the use of their land.
An Economic Evaluation of Snowmobiling in Maine:
The magic number for the 2018-2019 season was in excess of
$606 Million dollars

Snowmobile Maine
March means mud season for some of our state but Western mountains and Northern Maine are still open for business. Snowmobilers that hate to call it quits will travel to find that white stuff. Where do you find it? Start with our Trails Condition page. You should be able to find a link to an area you're interested in.
While it seems that Mother Nature has determined that our fun needs to be winding down, a few areas of the state are still on track for some great spring riding. But the vast majority are definitely winding down. Funds are low for grooming, snow cover is dwindling fast and the chances of riding are going, going, soon to be gone.

How is our year so far? Safety wise it has been just awful. 11 riders didn't complete their rides as they thought. All are tragic losses and our thoughts are for the loved ones and friends left behind.

Membership in the MSA is down due to a number of factors. The weather was against us along the coastal and downeast regions. The lack of an Executive Director at the MSA office, and other factors clouded the forecast.
But for those of us who were fortunate enough to put some miles and smiles on, is it really ever enough? Let's buckle down and resolve to check the new models, update some gear, look for some new destinations to explore and resolve to make it better next year.
One way to do this is to participate every chance you get at your local club events. Attend the show at the Augusta Civic Center in October, learn about legislative actions that may affect our sport, and participate in making adjustments to increase our communication to the 50,000 registered sled owners who decided not to pay it forward. Every chance you get thank a landowner who allows us to have the greatest trail system in the Northeast.
And if you are a dedicated sledder that belongs to a club, Stay tuned for information as we are going to have to cancel our Annual Banquet in April.

Snowmobile Maine. Ride Right. Enjoy.

It's a bit of work finding out who your State Legislative Representatives are...

But if you want to poke around try one of these links

List County Delegations

List District Towns

How about who is on any Committee???

Maine State Senate... Find Your State Senate Member

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